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Manufacturing involves the making of cannabis products such as extracts and edibles, including the compounding, blending, extracting, infusing, and other stages of preparation for cannabis products. 




SELLING PRICE: Not Disclosed Call $$$$



FLOW:  $



SQUARE FOOTAGE: Approved for 7

50,000 square feet of greenhouse cultivation 



FACTS: This farm and license structure can yield over one million pounds of marijuana flower in a single outdoor cultivation season at full capacity of 1000 cultivated acres.

Nevada is currently the only state in the nation with no set plant count, canopy or square footage limitations or restrictions for recreational marijuana cultivation space.

This farm is vertically integrated with both a recreational and a medical manufacturing/production license and ready and able to implement the nation’s first true large scale soil to oil cultivation and product manufacturing campus in America 

These four Nevada cultivation licenses allow the operators to opportunity to gain early market share with the opportunity to jump ahead of the rest of the competing operators in the U.S. This cannabis license and land combo has the attributes and assets to become the largest cannabis cultivator, raw oil and branded package goods product producer in the nation. 

National legalization is on the horizon and this Nevada cannabis play should allow the operators to be the only fully built out and operating 1,000 acre farm and manufacturing campus in the nation on the eve of national legalization and interstate commerce sales.

This land and license package provides a three year jump on the rest of the nation. It will take competing states a year or two from the day of national legalization to license a similar hundred or thousand acre marijuana cultivation property. In addition it will take operators multiple additional years to build out and begin cultivating on a competing cannabis campus at this scale. Nevada is the only state that has no plant count or square footage limitations. This is the largest legal and licensed cultivation footprint in the united states. this farm has the land, water rights and license structure to produce over one million pounds of marijuana flower in a single cultivation season. 5,000 acre feet of senior water rights (twice the water needed to cultivate 1,000 acres)

Approved for 750,000 square feet of greenhouse cultivation E-MAIL:

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